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BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition - Xbox 360


BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition - Xbox 360

$ 80.00 $ 101.00

  • The BioShock series needs no introduction. It's one of the best new franchises of this generation for sure. Not for everybody, but regardless, an amazing series.
  • Now, the whole series is up for grabs in this package, and for the price it's almost criminal to not pass out on it.

  • First, the games. BioShock needs no introduction. It's my all time favorite game of all time alongside System Shock 2, and it's one of those games that absolutely deserves its rankings amongst the top of any "Best of...." list. It's also the game that made me realize what Video Games are.
  • As a former film buff who once turned my nose up at video games, BioShock was the game that made me realize I can't ignore video games; in fact, BioShock made me momentarily forget about film entirely.
  • BioShock isn't all that perfect (as one knows, the endings are terrible, and the final boss battle lacks the emotional climax the game needed), but the end impact of the game makes little niggling story issues near vapid once you factor in the whole experience.
  • That experience, rich with meaning, beauty, humor, horror, and so much more. I wouldn't trade it for the world. If any game proves that video games are an amazing art form, BioShock is one of those games.

  • Game play has always been a controversial part of the series. Some people love the game play, some people couldn't get into it, and some people hate it. Personally, I grew up on the mechanics (I've been a fan of the franchise ever since its inception, and I still play BioShock),
  • and I've always loved the combat in this game over just about any other FPS, much more than Halo, COD, and even other sandbox shooters like Crysis (though I love all of those franchises, don't get me wrong. Well, except COD these days, but that's not really the developers fault).
  • Either way, I go back to the game and find news and creative ways to play, so have fun and don't be afraid to use all the tools you have.
  • There's a good reason why I replay BioShock over and over (probably played it from start to finish more than ten times), and to this day no other FPS compels me to do this. So yeah, still an amazing game, and still my personal all time favorite.

  • BioShock 2, even to this day, remains a somewhat controversial game in the series. Some fans loved it, while others feel apprehension towards BioShock 2 and is considered unnecessary.
  • Some see it as a deeper exploration into the world of Rapture, insomuch that the title becomes another must play; the whole tale of Rapture just isn't the same without it. It also has better combat, as well as implementing a much better final act than the original (we all know how that turned out).
  • Others, on the hand, are quick to dismiss it as a lazy retread of the first game. I've always felt that the criticisms were mostly a knee jerk reaction. Aside from the combat being improved, deeper, and extremely satisfying, the story itself does say some new interesting things,
  • and touches on things the original did not have. Personally, I don't like it *as* much as I do the original, but that's not really an insult on my part.
  • I never really considered it to be an absolute must play like the original, but don't listen to the detractors and ignore it wholesale. BioShock 2 is an excellent game in it's own right, and I always personally felt it doesn't deserve the vitriol it gets.

  • So yeah, so both games are terrific, but what about that bonus content? I've played through all of the bonus content plenty of times, and it's all a ton of fun. Organized lists rule, so here we go.

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